New Wizardi Diamond painting designs in stock!

diamond painting dream catcher videos wizardi charms

Wizardi glad to present 10 new Wizardi Wood designs and 30 new Wizardi large diamond paintings. Please check new Wizardi Wood & Large kits at these links.

We received 2 large dreamcatchers cat & angel. Both of these are double sided are very unique kits.

 After a delay we finally received many large diamond painting kits back in stock!

We showcase a collection of mini diamond painting kits on the canvas in the size -  7.9x7.9 inches. We have some finished models to display and we are very happy with our detailed quality!


Also we expanded large kits for advanced diamond painting lovers! We showcase 3 kits bellow Flower Bouquet, Horse Tenderness and Playful friends. For more designs - visit our page!


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