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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply

Set for embroidery with beads on a plastic base FLPL-030

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"Dream Catcher" is an Indian talisman that was widespread among the indigenous people of North America. According to the legend this amulet is able to protect the sleeping person from nightmares which demons and evil spirits bring. No wonder  that the Indians themselves call this talisman a "spider" because its threads, stretched over a round base symbolize a cobweb in which bad dreams should get entangled while good dreams can reach their master through the hole in the center of the composition. The legend of the Lakota people says that once a tribal elder climbed a mountain, where he met a great teacher who took the form of a spider. While they had a conversation the teacher took a willow twig and bent it into a ring so he could then weave a web inside it. When the work was completed he said: “There are many roads which a person moves - everyone chooses his own path. And at every moment of life a person is possessed by passions. If they are good they direct him on the right path and if they are evil, then the person goes on the wrong path. The spider web is a perfect circle, but there is a hole in the very center. Good thoughts will pass through the center to the person. Evil thoughts will become entangled in a web and disappear at dawn”. Initially, "dream catchers" were made from harsh threads, reindeer veins, willow twigs and bird feathers. However, since "Wonderland Crafts" treats with respect the world around and all the creatures that inhabit it we offer you to make this wonderful amulet with your own hands without harming our smaller brothers! And we are proud to present to your attention the amazing bead embroidery kits on a plastic base "Dream Catcher"! The high-quality plastic our kits are made of will allow you not to worry about the safety of the product because this material is resistant to both physical damage and high humidity. One of the main advantages of our "catchers" is double-sided embroidery which you have to decorate the "feathers" suspended from the talisman. And the unusual decor of the upper part of the amulet using multi-colored threads will give it a truly Indian look!

According to tradition for the "Dream Catcher" to work and protect its master from bad dreams it must be hung at the head of the bed.


Kit includes:

- figured perforated workpiece made of plastic;

- wooden round frames (2pcs);

- beads "PRECIOSA";

- floss for decoration;

- monofibre thread and 2 needles for bead embroidery;

- instruction for bead embroidery;

- a printed pattern for embroidery on paper indicating the colors and the number of beads used in the kit.

The kit is packed in a bag with a euro loop.

. Dimensions: 10*25 cm/3,94*9,84in. Number of colors: 5. Number of beads: 2761. Made in Ukraine.

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