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Top 10 Halloween Cross-Stitch Kits & Charts (And an Extra Crafting Technique You’ll Love!) - Wizardi

Top 10 Halloween Cross-Stitch Kits & Charts (And an Extra Crafting Technique You’ll Love!)

The spookiest day of the year will arrive in no time, so to mark Halloween, we’ve picked 10 thematic cross-stitch kits and patterns to give you some inspiration for a seasonal cross-stitch project or gift and get you into the Halloween spirit. As a bonus, we’ll share an extra crafting idea utilizing a technique that is similar to cross-stitching.

Feeling intrigued? Make sure to go through our crafty (and creepy!) selection from start to finish!


Number 10 - Pumpkin's Party Cross-Stitch Kit

“Be Scary, Be Happy” - that’s the motto of this lovely kit Pumpkins’ Party by LetiStitch and we couldn’t agree more! With the blue canvas and bright shades of yellow and orange, the design is a true eye-catcher and captures the spirit of the holiday in a unique way.

The finished piece is sized 16 by 13 cm (6.3 by 5.12 inches) and can be made into a lovely gift or interior décor item.


Number 9 - Halloween Sampler Cross-Stitch Chart

If you are into cross-stitch samplers, we have a Halloween chart in our range that may catch your fancy. Designed by Nadezhda Mashtakova, the chart features all the scary things and beings that come to your mind when you think of Halloween, like carved pumpkins, ghosts and zombies!

The design measures 108 by 184 stitches if stitched on 14 count Aida canvas and is 20 by 34 cm (7.87 by 13.39 inches) in size. If you like experimenting, go for plastic canvas instead of the fabric.

This is just a chart, not a kit, so floss, canvas and other components are not included! The digital PDF file is available here.


Number 8 - Happy Halloween Cross-Stitch Kit

Speaking of plastic canvas, this type of foundation is perfect for making items that can be then used as part of your interior decoration – think of fridge magnets or Christmas tree ornaments, for example. This cute cross-stitch kit by the Ukrainian brand Charivna Mit that comes with plastic canvas is a unique way to add a touch of Halloween playfulness to your home.

The plywood holder is included, so you can put the completed double-sided pumpkin & witch composition on display for your Halloween party guests to admire the result of your creative endeavours!


Number 7 - Halloween Cross-Stitch Kit

Decorating your house with Halloween-themed charms to create an appropriate atmosphere is a great creative task to challenge yourself with prior to the holiday. This spooktastic set by our very own brand Crafting Spark is exactly what you need for that purpose.

The kit comes with plastic canvas (which, as we previously mentioned, works well for making this kind of decorative accessories), as well as floss, a needle, chart and instructions.


Number 6 - Cat Magic Cross-Stitch Kit

Can you visualize Halloween without black cats? Our selection definitely wouldn’t be complete without a design featuring one. This stunning cross-stitch kit by RTO has a witchy vibe – gothic cross-stitchers, this is clearly a MUST for you!

The kit comes with Zweigart Aida canvas and DMC floss and the completed piece measures 16.5 by 25 cm (6.5 by 9.84 inches). We can’t help but stress the importance of framing – a perfectly matching frame can always make your work stand out and give it a completely different feel!


Number 5 - Halloween Kitten with Pumpkin Cross-Stitch Chart

If goth aesthetics is not your thing, turn your attention to this cuter version of a Halloween cat design by Nadezhda Nikitina. It features a bicolored (chimera) kitten wearing a witch hat and looking out of a pumpkin – the classic Halloween attributes are there!

Note that this one is just a chart available as a PDF, not a kit. The recommended fabric for stitching this design is 14 count Aida and the color palette used is DMC. Grab your chart at this link.


Number 4 - Halloween Dragon with Pumpkin Cross-Stitch Chart

Halloween is the environment where all kinds of ghastly creatures and mythical beings feel at home. Take a look at this cute dragon, for example. Surrounded by the witchy stuff, she feels completely in her element lying on a pumpkin! This pattern is designed by Nadezhda Kazarina, who is known for her fascination with fairytale and fantasy worlds.

The chart is available as a digital PDF file download (not a kit). It uses 44 DMC colors and 16 count white Aida canvas, but you are free to experiment with the fabric color to emphasize the magical feel of the design.


Number 3 - Witch House Halloween Cross-Stitch Chart

Another pattern filled with anticipation of All Hallows’ Eve is this one called Witch House Halloween designed by Elena Lartsova. With magic potion brewing in the pot and a carved pumpkin hanging on the fence, looks like the witch living in this little fairytale house is ready for the festivities!

Just like the previous design, this is a downloadable file, no other materials included. The pattern uses the DMC color palette and is best stitched on 14 count Aida canvas.

To achieve a more striking effect, go for a different fabric color – how about these printed designer canvases by MP Studia


Number 2 - Halloween Thread Organizer Kit

If you are looking for new ideas for your cross-stitching experiments, why not try perforated plywood as a foundation for stitching? This Halloween kit by MP Studia can be a great one to start exploring this type of canvas. Moreover, apart from practicing cross-stitching on plywood, you can create one-of-a-kind floss organizers that will keep your threads neat and prevent them from being tangled up. The spooky design makes them an original gift for Halloween or any other occasion. Such items are definitely a must for any needleworker!

The kit contains all the required components and the size of each item is 5.9 by 3.15 inches (15 by 8 cm).


Number 1 - Halloween Horrors Cross-Stitch Kit

Our top choice for a Halloween cross-stitch project is this gorgeous kit Halloween Horrors by NeoCraft. Not only it is perfect for beginners, but it also comes with a pumpkin-shaped plywood frame! With the total embroidery size being just 2.76 by 3.94 inches (7 by 10 cm), the kit provides a smooth introduction to cross-stitching as it is very simple and won’t take much time to complete. The finished piece can work as an interior decoration item or a gift to someone who is into the aesthetics of this holiday.

The kit comes with all the necessary materials, including blue Zweigart fabric – this type of canvas will be responsible for a special vibe of this dark and macabre design. By the way, NeoCraft offers a unique collection of cross-stitch frames – check it out here!



As promised, we are sharing a crafting technique that has similarities with both cross-stitching and painting by numbers, and yet it is a completely unique craft that is very beginner-friendly. Of course, we are talking about diamond painting!

The plywood charm collection by Crafting Spark/Wizardi offers a wide range of kits that can be perfect for discovering this trendy hobby, practicing diamond painting at crafting parties or introducing your kids to this creative activity!

Check out this Little Witch diamond painting kit! The design takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete – no previous experience required!

If you feel like spending more time sticking shiny rhinestones to the sticky surface of the plywood canvas and creating more sparkly charms to decorate your home for Halloween, check out other holiday-themed kits, like the Batthe Ghost, or the Jack-O'-Lantern!


We hope you got inspired by our beautifully scary selection! If you missed our previous Top 10 Lists, feel free to check them out:

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