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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Top 5 Free Cross-Stitch Patterns you Should Start Cross-Stitching in 2022 - Wizardi

Top 5 Free Cross-Stitch Patterns you Should Start Cross-Stitching in 2022

The Wizardi team has worked hard to compile over 50 free cross-stitch patterns from various cross-stitch brands, such as MP Studia, Oven, Neocraft and Luca-s. Our collection is unique on the Internet and we are committed to growing it. Browse all our free patterns here. Some of these charts are extremely popular, while others have been downloaded a few times only. We have decided to compile our own top five to help you get started.

Pattern Number 5 - The Minimalist Bat by Neocraft

This Halloween cross-stitch pattern can be completed in 3-5 hours. It is a cute small project that can be applied in a variety of ways. You can frame the finished piece with the Neocraft frames and make a perfect Halloween decoration. It can also be used jointly with water soluble canvas and cross-stitched on a clothing item. You can cross-stitch this design on plastic canvas or use it to enhance other cross stitch projects - you are only limited to your imagination! Download it today and get started. Despite being quite small, the pattern uses 13 DMC colors and different cross stitch techniques, such as backstitch and half cross-stitch. We recommend using 14 count AIDA, but you can experiment with other canvas counts.

 Pattern Number 4 - The Red Rose by Luca-s

This floral cross-stitch pattern is perfect for advanced cross-stitch fans who are in search of a bargain. If you would like to get "cross-stitch kit quality" for free, this is the chart to go for. This pattern is neither an addition to anything nor a small sampler, but a full-fledged medium-sized project. The pattern features a beautiful tender red rose. Sized 8.63 x 11.94 inches, the pattern uses 21 Anchor thread colors and is 138 x 191 stitches. Luca-s recommends using 16 count white Aida canvas for this rose. Perhaps, the only drawback to this pattern is the fact that it uses Anchor threads. Are Anchor threads as equally accessible as DMC? Please let us know about it in the comments. Anyway, you can always convert the Anchor threads to DMC as there are plenty of online conversion tools on the web. Download the pattern today and start cross-stitching!

Pattern Number 3 - The Christmas Snowman by MP Studia

This was one of the first free charts that we introduced on our website and it captured your attention straight away! The pattern is not too large and not too small, which makes it perfect if you want to complete a cross-stitch pattern in between your large cross-stitch projects. It features a snowman on a blue canvas - the Christmas theme has always been popular among cross-stitchers. The size of the pattern is 3.06 x 3.17 inches. It uses 18 count Navy Blue canvas and 13 DMC colors and is 55 x 57 stitches. You can find it here.

Pattern Number 2 - A set of 4 patterns by Oven

What can be better than a free pattern? That's right - 4 free patterns! :D This series of 4 graphical patterns by Oven features monochrome animals, including Wolf, EagleToucan and Elephant, and uses the backstitch technique a lot. These charts don't require a lot of colors -  you'll need no more than 9 colors for most of them. An additional bonus is that these patterns are available either in black and white or in color, based on your choice. These patterns are 80 x 80 stitches, which will make 4 medium-sized projects. We have added the images of completed projects. Don't they look beautiful?

 Pattern Number 1 - The Cat with a Rainbow by MP Studia

All of us are animal lovers and this cute kitten pattern matches our preference perfectly. The pattern is suitable for beginners - it uses 12 colors and is 65 x 84 stitches. The chart should be printed in color for your convenience. Similar to Pattern Number 5, this pattern can be used on different types of canvas - classic AIDA, plastic canvas or water soluble canvas that is applied on a clothing item. It includes half crosses and backstitches, which make the finished piece even nicer. Download it here.

If you haven't found anything you like, you can check out our full collection of free patterns, which we are constantly expanding. Don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletter.

The pattern in the cover photo can be downloaded here.

Extra bonus

We also have theme related patterns and to celebrate Valentine's Day, we are gladly offering this pattern with 2 white rabbit with a red heart. Download this pattern here. This pattern is stitched with 5 DMC colors, 66x70 stitches and pattern is designed in color. You would need experience in full cross stitch and backstitch.


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