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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply

Accessories to Work on a Cross-Stitch Project: Frames and Thread Organizers

If you are stitching fan, we’re sure you know the feeling of being lost in the endless variety of cross-stitch kits! Usually, we tend to pick the designs that catch our fancy from a specific brand’s range, but sometimes we might dismiss the kit we like because we are not happy with the canvas count, thread characteristics, etc. In some cases, even despite being satisfied with the kit quality, we might consider the design too large and complex and doubt our skills and ability to complete such a project.

Choosing elaborate and large-sized cross-stitch designs, you prove yourself to be an experienced crafter who is dedicated to their favorite hobby. It is needless to say that huge pieces look fantastic as part of interior décor! Such cross-stitch works looks much more striking and eye-catching as they are very detailed and intricate.

Working on such project requires certain accessories to enhance and facilitate the cross-stitching experience - cross-stitch frames and organizers simplify the process significantly and make it much more convenient.

We are happy to offer you the Crafting Spark collection of frames that are designed specifically for cross-stitching and beading. When spending hours and hours hunched over a large project, it is extremely important to minimize any strain on your back and shoulders. The Crafting Spark frames can be placed on the table, floor or sofa, allowing you to work in a comfortable seated position.

Check out the floor frame – it can be adjusted according to the height and depth of your sofa or chair. Besides, it is a 2 in 1 transformer and can be used both as a floor or sofa frame.

When cross-stitching a huge piece with lots of thread colors involved, we want to concentrate on the creative process rather than waste our time and energy sorting out the threads or untangling them. This is why thread organizers are a must in your accessory collection.

Crafting Spark offers a thread organizer that is designed to separate up to 36 colors and comes with two stickers for marking thread colors.

Besides, in our store you can find a collection of unique thread organizers by MP Studia. These practical and useful items are also eye-catching and fun – having such an organizer will surely inspire you and contribute to your excitement in working on your beautiful cross-stitch project. The MP Studia organizes are made from 14 mm high-quality plywood and are safe to use. They are perfect for both cross-stitch beginners and experienced enthusiasts who appreciate convenience and want to show off their creative personality.

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