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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders! *exceptions apply
Cross-Stitch Your Clothes: How to Work with Water-Soluble Canvas - Wizardi

Cross-Stitch Your Clothes: How to Work with Water-Soluble Canvas

Soluble or water-soluble canvas is a transparent perforated film made from plastic that is dissolved by water. It is used for cross-stitching a design onto an unmarked fabric. It is perfect for decorating clothes, bags, pillowcases, etc. and is a great way to give a completely new look to any clothing item or accessory.

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So, how do you start such a project? First, decide on the area of your item you would like to cross-stitch on. Make sure to iron the fabric and avoid stretching it. Use sewing pins to attach the soluble canvas to the fabric or secure the canvas with a loose running stitch.

When cross-stitching on soluble canvas, it is important that you keep it from being deformed. Here are a few tips that may be useful:

  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you start cross-stitching. The liquid from your hands may deform the soluble canvas in the area where you hold it with your fingers for too long.
  • Using hoops will help you make the stitches even and close to one another.
  • Water-soluble canvas is not very durable, so avoid folding or creasing it during your stitching sessions.

When your project is finished, cut off excess canvas around the edges, place your item in warm water and wait until the canvas is dissolved completely. Make sure to follow the kit manufacturer’s instructions for more specific recommendations.

Avoid rubbing the fabric or using detergents when dissolving the canvas.

If you can no longer feel the canvas under the stitches of the finished design, this means that it has fully dissolved.

Carefully pull out the threads the canvas was attached with to the fabric without damaging your stitches.

Iron your item inside out on a temperature setting that is appropriate for that type of fabric and let it fully dry on a hanger.

Have you already tried cross-stitching on soluble canvas? Feel free to share your impressions and tips with us!

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