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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply

How to Frame a Diamond Painting Canvas

We receive a lot of feedback from variety of clients and retailers, that you make the picture (diamond art, diamond painting or diamond dotz - doesn't really matter)  and don't know, what to do with it afterwards. We imagine a lot of our clients have a full stocked up shelf of finished diamond art kits. We would like to recommend an easy solution, how you can frame your finished diamond painting kit, if you can purchase all the necessary materials listed bellow and follow our guidelines. :)

You can also watch the videos at the bottom of this page. We also prepared another guide, how to frame a cross stitch kit.

What you will need?

Please look for these materials in the nearest DIY store or Arts & Crafts store!

  • Sheet of adhesive foamboard. It is the best solution, although you can also use simple foamboard or cardboard. If you use those, you will need to apply glue. Adhesive foamboard sheet should be 2-5 inches wider than your diamond painting.
  • Scissors or a knife
  • A ready made frame for specific size of your diamond painting kit. Variety of stores can sell ready made large frames, but to make it work, you will need precisely the size of your kit. If you can't find the frame, adhesive foamboard can also be used without the frame.
  • A convenient table, where you will be framing the item.

Framing process

The process to frame your diamond mosaic kit is very easy!

  • You need to uncover the adhesive layer from the foamboard.
  • Stick your diamond painting on top. You need to stick it carefully and to make sure, that the whole thing is flat. We used roller to correct all small discrepancies. The item shouldn't have any bubbles.
  • Cut the foamboard and diamond painting, based on the size of the picture.
  • If you have the frame, you will need to put it into the frame and bend the nails to lock the picture. Frame should match precisely with the image, otherwise it will not work. If your frame and diamond painting has few millimeter difference, then you can try to cut 1 or 2 lanes of rhinestones to make sure, that it fits.

Please watch our videos bellow, so you could see all these steps demonstrated. Good luck framing your diamond painting kit!

This is a simple solution and if you want to have your favorite diamond painting beautifully made in designer custom frame, we recommend to use Frame shops services!


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