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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Welcome the New Cross-Stitch Brand NeoCraft! - Wizardi

Welcome the New Cross-Stitch Brand NeoCraft!

We are super excited to introduce you to the new cross-stitch brand NeoCraft!

NeoCraft has been designing and producing cross-stitch kits since 2010 and its products have gained immense popularity among experienced and beginner crafters alike.

Each design is a little masterpiece due to the brand’s thorough approach to details. The collection also includes unique cross-stitch kits with wooden frames!

High-quality materials and beautiful packaging makes a NeoCraft kit an amazing gift for your creative friend, relative or loved one.

Most of the NeoCraft kits come with Zweigart evenweave canvas and some are equipped with the classic Aida fabric. As for the threads, the kits contain Finca Presencia cotton floss produced in Spain according to the highest European quality standards.

NeoCraft is particularly proud of its thread organizers that separate the threads and are included in each kit. The organizers are made from high density cardboard and depict the characters that feature in the designs. After completing your cross-stitch piece, you can use the cardboard organizer for future projects or simply use it as a cool bookmark!

Each NeoCraft kits also contains a high-quality needle and extra elements, such as little charms, buttons and decorative threads.

The instructions contain monochrome symbol charts with colored sections (backstitch, French knots and other decorative stitches). This format is believed to be the most convenient by many cross-stitchers. Besides, you’ll find general information on the cross-stitching process, the description of stitches and various techniques, as well as tips on handling your finished cross-stitch piece, stitching sequences, etc.

You are welcome to check out the NeoCraft collection - we’re sure you’ll be fascinated with the designs and will definitely pick a kit for your next exciting project!

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