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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Who Designs Artwork for Our Cross Stitch and Diamond Art Kits? Famous Artists & Designers in Cross-Stitch and Diamond Painting Kits and Their Creative Journey - Wizardi

Who Designs Artwork for Our Cross Stitch and Diamond Art Kits? Famous Artists & Designers in Cross-Stitch and Diamond Painting Kits and Their Creative Journey

Richard Macneil

Richard Macneil is a UK-based self-taught artist who has always worked in the creative industry, including such areas as ceramics, graphics and sculpture, both in the UK and internationally.

He spent a long time in the USA working for a company that produced large-scale sculptures of American western art and one of his greatest achievements was seeing his work displayed in the Oval office of The White House.

The artist has managed to develop a unique distinctive style and his vision has always been “to create art that appeals to and is accessible to all”.

Richard Macneil’s designs can be found on a wide range of products around the world, including gifts, home décor items, cards and stationery.

You can view a few of Macneil's designs from the Luca-s collection bellow:



Sung Kim

Sung Kim is a South Korean-born artist whose artistic talent has been highly recognized since early childhood both in his home country and later abroad. The artist created illustrations for magazines and children’s books and, after immigrating to the United States, he has worked with a large number of art galleries and produced hundreds of original artworks.

Sung Kim’s landscape and seascape paintings were inspired by his travels through Europe in his younger years. What sets his unique style apart is the abundance of bright colors and light in his works and the charming inviting atmosphere each painting radiates with.

Our Crafting Spark (wizardi) collection includes a few diamond art kits based on Sung Kim's images:



Patrick LaMontagne

Patrick LaMontagne is a Canadian editorial cartoonist and digital painter.

The detail and brushwork in Patrick LaMontagne’s digital painting style has often been mistaken for traditional media – he paints animals almost to the point of photorealism.  Although the artist has drawn a lot of different things over the years, those whimsical animal paintings are what he enjoys most. 

LaMontagne has no formal training and has never worked on canvas, instead experimenting with different kinds of digital art hardware and software.

Our Crafting Spark diamond art collection features Patrick LaMontagne's art. You can browse these designs bellow:



Lucie Bilodeau

Lucie Bilodeau is an internationally recognized artist born in Montreal, Canada. She expressed her serious interest in art when she was 7 years old and at the age of 14 she took courses that taught her traditional fine art skills. Bilodeau has been making a living as a professional artist since 1993.

Lucie Bilodeau’s main source of inspiration is the beauty of nature. According to the artist, it is important for her to bring the calming and rejuvenating effect of nature into people’s lives through her work. She wants people to live in harmony with nature, in a world without wars, where “we care, love and respect each other, as well as the other life forms on this planet.”

Many of Bilodeau's works can be found in corporations and private collections around the globe, including England, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, Australia, United States and Canada.

Our Crafting Spark diamond art collection features multiple images from Lucie Bilodeau:



Marcello Corti

Marcello Corti is an Italian artist who himself comes from a family of artists, painters, sculptors and poets.

In 1986, his long standing passion for advertising and graphic design become part of his professional portfolio through contracts with major Italian companies. In 2006, Marcello decided to return to his original passion for painting by combining it with his technology know-how, using Photoshop and his Mac with pen tablet to create illustrations for paper stationery, picture books, gifts and household items.

Marcello Corti’s distinctive feature lies in his ability to use technology to develop unique artistic solutions. According to the artist, he is happy that he can continue to make works of art as his ancestors did, even with the use of modern means.

Marcello is particularly famous for his Christmas-themed designs and is known around the globe.

The Luca-s counted cross stitch collection successfully launched multiple Marcelo Corti's images in their products. You can browse a few of those designs below:

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