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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Diamond Painting Dreamcatcher - Wizardi

Diamond Painting Dreamcatcher

Why Do People Make Dreamcatchers?

The dreamcatcher is an Indian talisman, which was created to drive away evil spirits from the sleeping. The dreamcatcher is like a filter that takes in bad dreams and gives away good ones. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and obviously we want to spend this time effectively relaxing our mind and soul. However, it doesn't happen all the time, people often feel anxiety or get bad dreams during the sleep. Many people know that items we make with our own hands and the right thoughts can have a real force and impact. We have designed our kits with such intentions and hopefully you will enjoy both making the dreamcatcher and using it as a talisman.

 dreamcatcher process


Where to put DreamCatcher?

A dream catcher has been one of the main elements of home decor for a long time. Designers advise to place them not only over the bed, but also try to choose the ideal place for them outside the bedroom. Wizardi dreamcatcher is an amazing and beautiful decor solution, that sparkles in the rays of light.

How to make Wizardi Dreamcatcher?

In our Wizardi dreamcatcher video, we show how easy it is to make Wizardi diamond painting dreamcatcher with your own hands. Process takes about 1 hour, depending on your skill level. Our dreamcatcher is two sided and includes 4 parts. You will need to apply 8 adhesive stickers and assemble 96 sq cm of acrylic square rhinestones. Each rhinestone is 2.5 x 2.5 millimeters. This Dreamcatcher from the video is available in 3 different colors - also blue and grey. Due to popularity, we also introduce different shapes and patterns of dreamcatchers. These kits are suitable for children and the adults.

The largest dream catcher in the world is 7.42 meters in diameter and weighs 271 kg 💪🏻

Our dream catchers are miniature. All parts are two-sided and each of them shines, when contacting with light. Just the Magic!

Enjoy watching our videos!

You can also watch the slower process of completing our diamond painting Dreamcatcher. Enjoy!

P.S Thank you By Aline Kreatief for the nice image of our Wizardi diamond painting dreamcatcher kit!

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