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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Discovering Orchidea: Overview of Cross-Stitch, Needlepoint and Latch Hook Products by the Polish Brand - Wizardi

Discovering Orchidea: Overview of Cross-Stitch, Needlepoint and Latch Hook Products by the Polish Brand

If you are already familiar with all the needlework brands from our extensive range and are looking to try something new, check out the collection by the brand Orchidea (Poland)!

The Orchidea products stands out due to their nonconventional designs, highly detailed images, vivid colors and the use of different techniques (cross-stitch, needlepoint and latch hooking).

Depending on your preferences and skill level, you can pick a relatively simple design that works well for beginners and even kids, or challenge yourself with a really complex project that will require hours of meticulous, but exciting and rewarding work.

The designs are absolutely versatile - they feature such subjects as holidays (Christmas, Easter), elegant stilllifes and landscapes depicting various locations from blooming gardens to cozy European city streets, and animal-themed designs depicting cats, dogs or horses.

Orchidea kits use different materials. For example, Christmas cross-stitch ornament kits come with soft plastic – this type of canvas is perfect for creating interior décor items. You’ll find beautiful eye-catching Christmas designs depicting snowmen, cats and dogs and, of course, Santas. Working on such projects will definitely boost your holiday spirit! The completed pieces will give a unique DIY vibe to your interior and look fantastic on your Christmas tree.

Besides, Orchidea offers Easter-themed cross-stitch designs that are perfect for decorating your home for Easter festivities. Moreover, such charms are a great way to get your kids involved into holiday preparations and introduce them to a new creative offline hobby.

Speaking of holidays, is there a more heart-warming gift than something made with your own hands? Giving your loved one an Orchidea cross-stitch card is a sweet way to send your holiday greetings and express best wishes – the recipient will surely appreciate the effort and warmth put into the unique DIY gift.

The fascinating floral collection of Orchidea cross-stitch kits looks like a single compositional whole. The designs feature such flowers as flamboyant poppies, passionate roses, tender tulips, vibrant violets, pansies and crocuses, cheerful sunflowers and more.

Consider Orchidea’s needlepoint cushion kits if you would like to create an eye-catching and stylish home décor item. Each kit comes with 100% cotton stramin canvas with the design already printed on it. The high quality of the print helps to avoid any errors when stitching, which makes the process very simple and enjoyable. The canvas is pretty stiff, so using hoops is not necessary. Besides, each cushion kit contains 100% acrylic threads, a needle and stitching instructions. To complete a cushion, you would also need a cushion back (a grey, black and ecru varieties are available in our store) and a pillow stuffing material of your choice.

Moreover, needlepoint lovers should definitely check out Orchidea’s Zweigart canvases with the designs printed on them. Note that threads aren’t included – each item comes with a list of required threads from the DMC, Ariadna and Anchor palettes.

Apart from the canvases, our Orchidea selection features cute needlepoint tissue cover kits.

If you are into latch hooking or would like to try this weaving technique, you can do so with Orchidea’s latch hook rug and cushion kits – hours of fun when creating a fluffy item guaranteed!

As you can see from this brief overview, the Orchidea brand caters for various tastes and skill levels – the products provide an excellent opportunity for trying or perfecting different crafting techniques. Hopefully, browsing the Orchidea collection in our store will inspire you to expand your creative horizons!

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