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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
How to Make Wizardi Diamond Painting Charms - Wizardi

How to Make Wizardi Diamond Painting Charms

Making a Crafting Spark (Wizardi) charm is very easy and these kits can be completed by children who are 8+ years old, as well as by adults. Our kits were tested for safety and include appropriate marking, which protects and warns about safety. Build your own collection of diamond art charms! Browse our diamond painting charms here.

Applying adhesive layer

Firstly, take a comfortable seat and unpack the kit. After that, find the plywood base and adhesive layer. Please make sure the adhesive layer matches the chart before applying it. Unpeel a small part of the adhesive layer and apply it to the chart on the plywood base. If the chart matches, continue until you have applied the entire adhesive.

Diamond painting instruction

Diamond painting process

Now you can start the diamond painting process! The rhinestones of each color are presorted in zip-lock bags and the number is marked on the bag. Find the small sheet that lists all the color numbers and corresponding symbols. Choose a symbol and find it on the plywood base chart. Make sure you peel the white cover off the plywood base, so you can see the chart.

Once you have selected the color, pour some rhinestones into the shaker tray. The tray will help you make sure that the rhinestones are facing the right side up. Shake it until all of them are in the correct position. Once you are sorted with the rhinestones, take the stylus and apply a little bit of wax (the pink rectangle) into the tip of the stylus. You will need to apply a little bit more wax after placing 50-100 rhinestones. Once you feel the stylus is not holding the rhinestone, apply a little bit of the wax. Completing a diamond painting charm takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your diamond painting skills! Advanced diamond painting lovers can complete the charm quicker. 

You can watch the entire process of completing a Wizardi diamond painting charm bellow. We hope you will enjoy making our kits. Good luck! 


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