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Top 5 Quick Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Crafters - Wizardi

Top 5 Quick Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Crafters

Christmas is knocking on your door, but with all the pre-holiday fuss, getting gifts for your family and friends was for some reason overlooked on your to-do checklist and now you are desperately browsing the web looking for last-minute gift ideas. Sounds like your situation? No worries - if your search lies within the arts and crafts area, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve prepared a selection of unique and exciting craft kits that would work as a surprise Christmas or New Year present for someone you care for. It doesn’t really matter if the gift recipient has making things with their own hands as a hobby or hasn’t ever practiced arts and crafts – our kits are inspiring enough to get anyone into a creative mood and try a new pastime activity. Besides, they are great for any skill level.

It is important to point out that each item can be presented as a standalone kit with all the necessary components or you can quickly complete it yourself and delight the recipient with a beautiful artwork or craft item.

Idea number 5: a painting by numbers kit

Well, a finished painting by numbers may not be the quickest, last-minute gift idea as completing a 40 by 50 cm (19.69 x 15.75 inches) detailed picture may require more than just a couple of hours. However, a PBN kit in a stylish packaging that contains all the necessary components – a pre-printed numbered canvas stretched on a wooden frame, a set of acrylic paints, a brush and instructions - is an excellent choice!

Our versatile Crafting Spark paint-by-number collection will surely meet any taste. By the way, we have a section in our store dedicated specifically to Christmas-themed designs!

Filled with joyous holiday atmosphere and anticipation of magic and miracles, each one is a great project to work on prior to the Christmas festivities. Is there anything more rewarding than making a masterpiece come together stroke by stroke and enjoying every minute of the creative process?

Idea number 4: a cross-stitch kit with plastic canvas

Cross-stitch kits that use plastic canvas instead of fabric are perfect as interior décor items and, more specifically, as Christmas tree ornaments. This is a simple gift idea that is not too time consuming and the completed piece can take a rightful place on the recipient’s Christmas tree! Surely, such an item will be an absolute eye-catcher. With lots of love and care put into it, this kind of a DIY piece also carries emotional value.

Below are just a few suggestions:

  • a cute Christmas deer by MP Studia, a double-sided design that can be put on a stand of your choice and used for Christmas interior decoration;

For more kits, both on plastic and regular canvas, check out our Christmas cross-stitch collection!

With a huge variety of designs on display, browsing that section might take quite a while – keep this in mind if you are pressed for time when picking a last-minute gift. We’ve warned you! ;)

Idea number 3: a cross-stitch kit on plywood

Kits using a piece of perforated plywood as the canvas are an interesting alternative to their plastic canvas counterparts, which we mentioned above. Being quick to complete, the finished pieces definitely stand out and add a crafty touch to any interior they are incorporated into.

Consider these winter designs by MP Studia as Christmas gift ideas – both have such a cozy vibe and the elaborate carvings on the plywood panel add extra appeal to them.

Idea number 2: needlework accessories and cross-stitch frames

Any avid stitcher wouldn’t mind expanding their needlework accessory collection with another useful item, like a thread organizer or a pincushion. Such gifts are extremely practical and will always come in handy when working on a cross-stitch project. To pick a gift from that category, check out this link.

We particularly would like to direct your attention to these Christmas and New Year cross-stitch kit-and-frame sets by NeoCraft:

They already contain all the components for making a small cross-stitch piece and a fancy plywood frame to put it into. Another option is a set of angel-shaped frames – the canvas and threads are not included, which means you can frame any small design (no more than 4.5 by 5 cm in size) from your own collection or get a matching cross-stitch kit separately.

Such DIY items will surely enhance the magical festive atmosphere at home and look lovely on a Christmas tree!

Idea number 1: diamond painting on plywood kits

A shiny diamond painting charm is the perfect Christmas tree ornament and holiday interior décor item. It is super easy to make, even if you haven’t tried diamond painting before and the process itself is captivating and enjoyable.

The variety of Crafting Spark/Wizardi diamond art designs is mind-blowing - you can complete a lovely collection of charms by yourself as a Christmas gift to your friends and family.

Giving an entire kit as a present is also an option – the recipient will surely enjoy the relaxing activity and master a trendy craft over a short period of time. No specific skills or experience are required for placing the sparkly rhinestones on a sticky surface based on the legend and no extra tools or materials are needed as the kits already come with all the essentials, including multilingual instructions.

The Crafting Spark/Wizardi plywood charm collection features lots of Christmas and New Year designs - Santa Claus, a cute Christmas tree, a gingerbread man, a Christmas lollipop, to name a few. And how about the symbol of the upcoming 2023, the Rabbit?


Hopefully, we’ve helped you pick the best Christmas or New Year gift from our extensive collection. For more ideas, inspiration and insights on the crafts we’ve mentioned above, feel free to check some of our previous articles:


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