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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Digital Cross-Stitch Patterns: Overview and Advantages - Wizardi

Digital Cross-Stitch Patterns: Overview and Advantages

Digital cross-stitch patterns are the product of the Internet age and the result of the widespread use of computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. Obviously, purchasing a complete cross-stitch kit saves you the trouble of worrying about getting a canvas of the required count, specific floss and needle because all the necessary components, as well as detailed instructions, are normally included into a kit. However, a stash of kits for your potential cross-stitch projects may take up an increasing amount of space and the range of designs available as kits may not be wide enough to meet your taste.

With the impressive variety of designs represented as downloadable PDF patterns, any stitcher is sure to find something to their liking, something that would inspire them to start a cross-stitch project as soon as possible or master cross-stitching if they’ve never done that before. You can browse our extensive collection of digital patterns and see for yourself: there, you’ll find not only traditional landscapes, stilllives or portraits of people and animals, but also abstract designs, samplers, artworks using unconventional color combinations and covering diverse subjects from travel, architecture and music to fantasy, fairytales and anime.

Another advantage of digital patterns is the fact that they often feature unique artworks by independent designers and can never be found as kits. This makes you stand out among fellow stitchers as basing your project on a digital pattern increases the chances of your work being one-of-a-kind and rarely repeated by others.

Moreover, the need to pick the materials for such a project by yourself is not necessarily a daunting challenge – hunting for the best canvas and floss in craft shops spices up your routine a little bit. Besides, you have the freedom of experimenting with the fabric type and color, which definitely unleashes your creativity. By the way, take a look at our lovely selection of designer canvases by MP Studia – what if you find the one that perfectly meets the vibe of your planned cross-stitch project?

We have a separate section in our store dedicated to free cross-stitch charts. They deal with various themes, including holidays, e.g., Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Birthday. Some of the designs can be stitched on plastic canvas and then used as magnets, interior décor items or Christmas tree ornaments.

To get a download link for a selected free pattern, you should add it to your cart and specify your email and address at checkout – we won’t ask for your payment info.

The digital patterns available in our store were created not only by independent designers, but also by established cross-stitch brands, like Luca-S, LetiStitch, Oven, MP Studia and NeoCraft.

Selected charts kindly provided by these manufacturers can be found in our Free Cross Stitch Patterns section.

Each of the cross-stitch pattern designers whose works we carry has a unique distinctive style and stands out from the others.

For example, Irina Konoplich is well-known for her miniature bottle design series.

Nadezhda Gavrilenkova’s, Nadezhda Kazarina’s and Nadine Grigorieva’s fantasy-themed patterns take you into a whole new mysterious universe inhabited by dragons and other mythical creatures.

Lena Chuguevskaya’s designs based on the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll won’t leave any fantasy and fairy tale enthusiasts indifferent.

Darya Mastrakova creates charts filled with so many details that can tell fascinating stories.

The charts by Natalya Orekhova, a famous pattern designer and teacher, will definitely appeal to those stitchers who prefer elaborate patterns and have an eye for detail.

The designs by Les Petites Croix De Lucie perfectly capture the spirit of the magical Christmas season.

Anna Smith strives to express the objects in her patterns as realistic and natural as possible.

The artworks by such talented cross-stitch pattern designers as Elena Lartsova, Aleksandra Kulakova, Alena Koshkina, Nadezhda Nikitina and Elena Butenko offer something for everyone regardless of skill level and their patterns cover different themes and depict various characters.

We believe that working with digital patterns is a great way to vary your cross-stitching routine and make the creative process faster and more convenient.

You’re guaranteed to spend hours viewing the impressive collection of patterns that we’ve been compiling with love for the art of cross-stitching and wish you to find the project that resonates with you most!

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