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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply
Needlework Accessory Gifts That Would Make Any Cross-Stitcher Happy - Wizardi

Needlework Accessory Gifts That Would Make Any Cross-Stitcher Happy

The holiday season is a wonderful time for crafters as they get an excellent opportunity to present their family and friends with the result of their creative efforts. It goes without saying that a needleworker deserves a matching gift in return and the more it has to do with their favourite hobby, the more joy and satisfaction it will bring to the recipient.

The question is, what is the perfect gift that would make your beloved stitcher feel happy and appreciated? Indeed, finding one seems like a challenge, especially if you have little to do with their hobby and don’t have any idea of what a needleworker might actually need in their creative routine. Obviously, the easiest solution would be to ask the recipient directly, but this would spoil the surprise. So, in this situation we suggest picking an item that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and universal in its use. We have prepared a list of accessories that would work as a Birthday, New Year or Christmas present or simply a no-occasion gift.

The first product category you might want to turn your attention to is thread organizers. They are crucial for keeping a stitcher’s working area neat and tidy as they help keep the threads separated and prevent them from getting messy.

This Alice in Wonderland inspired thread organizer by MP Studia would make a fantasy and fairytale loving stitcher jump with joy! 

A floss organizer depicting a cute owl would be a lovely addition to a crafter’s accessory stash.

MP Studia’s set of DIY bobbins is a 3 in 1 gift – you not only get both bobbins and rulers, but also apply your cross-stitching skills to decorate them with cactus designs! 

For more organizers by this brand, check out this link.

The lovely organizer by RTO will definitely keep a stitcher’s spirits up and put a smile on their face.

Other cat-themed organizers are available as well – how about a black or an orange one? 

RTO’s elegant organizer is a must for stitchers who appreciate stylish accessories – this one has a vintage vibe and will stand out in any accessory collection!

If the crafter you’re preparing a present for is into beading, they might need a different kind of organizer, the one that would keep their beads sorted. This leaf-shaped bead organizer by MP Studia is a compact plywood accessory with 14 sections and a transparent cover. It is not only practical, but also beautiful and can easily become an interior décor element.

Framing a finished cross-stitched piece is an important part of the creative process and it can be made easier with ready-made plywood frames by MP Studia. They come in square and round shapes and are decorated with beautiful carving. Any cross-stitcher would be happy to have such a frame or two in their stash to give their cross-stitch project a final touch. Make sure to accompany your gift with our step-by-step guide on using MP Studia’s frames!

Cross-stitchers who prefer working with plastic canvas as a foundation would appreciate holders for this type of cross-stitch pieces as they allow putting the finished item on display as part of interior decoration. MP Studia offers a collection of such holders that are both practical and eye-catching – any stitcher would be happy to see such an intricate item on their working table or in their home interior.

Pincushions are an indispensable element of a stitcher’s routine, so this is a gift that would always come in handy. We offer unique plywood pincushions by MP Studia that look different from the regular ones that come to your mind when you think of pincushions. A small magnet hidden inside a plywood box decorated with elaborate open-work carving will keep even the thinnest needles in place.

To sum up, we’d like to point out that a present chosen wisely and with feeling is a manifestation of care, love and appreciation for the recipient’s hobby and creative endeavours. It is a sincere expression of respect for what they do and a great way to make their stitching routine more comfortable and productive.

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