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Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in a Crafty Way: Best Thematic Gift Ideas for Your Loved One (or Yourself) - Wizardi

Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day in a Crafty Way: Best Thematic Gift Ideas for Your Loved One (or Yourself)

It’s nearly that time of the year when love vibes in the air are almost palpable and everyone seems to be caught in romantic turmoil. St. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate romance and express your true feelings to someone who is dear to your heart, and we would like to suggest a creative way of marking this special day! Why not take up an arts & crafts project prior to St. Valentine’s to present your significant other with a one-of-a-kind DIY gift?

Another alternative is to pick a thematic craft kit for your loved one to complete on their own – what a great way to introduce them to a new hobby! Even if you’re single and don’t have a partner to prepare a St. Valentine’s gift for, working on a love-themed project will definitely boost your spirits and bring more positive emotions and bright colors into your everyday life – St. Valentine’s Day designs are usually so colorful and vibrant that you can’t help but feel the happiness and joy they emanate!

We’ve picked some very exciting craft kits that are sure to inspire and get you into the romantic mood – whether you are into cross-stitching, painting by numbers or diamond painting, you’re definitely find a design you would want to work on!

A paint-by-number kit

A gorgeous picture painted by your soulmate just for you is the perfect St. Valentine’s Day gift idea for all the right reasons. The amount of time and dedication required to complete a 40 by 50 cm highly detailed art piece is an obvious manifestation of love and care. Besides, a framed artwork hanging on your wall is an aesthetically appealing reminder of the beautiful love story you and your partner are living!

Even if you’re not in a relationship, a striking and captivating paint-by-number project might be exactly what you need to brighten up winter days and bring the spring closer to you!

Below are just a few examples of Crafting Spark paint-by-number kits that set the right mood for the upcoming holiday - click on the image to go to the product's page.

A diamond painting kit

Getting a sparkly and shiny diamond painting as a St. Valentine’s Day present can be as exciting – such a piece carries significant emotional value. A complete DP kit given as a gift is a really nice idea to introduce your partner to a new hobby and give them a creative way to unwind and relax after a difficult day. Diamond painting may as well become one of your favourite pastimes as a couple as it’s a fun way of making something beautiful together!

Check out the Crafting Spark diamond painting collection and pick a design that would best meet your significant other’s taste.

Crafting Spark’s DP kits come in different sizes - 14.9 by 18.9 inches (38 by 48 cm) or 10.6 by 14.9 inches (27 by 37 cm) if you prefer large projects that require a proper amount of time and dedication and smaller ones sized 7.9 by 7.9 inches (20 by 20 cm) that can be easily completed within a few evenings. Check out some of our St. Valentine Day-themed favorites below!

A diamond painting on plywood kit

A diamond painting on plywood kit (or a completed design) is an original idea for a quick surprise gift – with a variety of romance-themed designs by Crafting Spark available, you can express your feelings for your special one in an outstanding way, showcasing your creative side and instill interest in a trendy hobby in someone you love. The finished items can be used as keychain charms, bag pendants or fridge magnets (they use a piece of plywood as the foundation) and just looking at them will make your sweetheart smile and think of you!

Check out this super cute DIY plywood box that is decorated on the sides with colorful rhinestones! The finished item can be used for storing little treasures like jewellery, sweets or anything small that would fit into it. It is also a lovely interior décor element filling the room with happy romantic vibes!

A cross-stitch kit/design

Another creative St. Valentine’s gift idea is a completed cross-stitch design. The amount of time, effort and feeling dedicated to completing one is beyond words, a true expression of love and loyalty. A standalone cross-stitch kit with a design that carries a romantic message is a great gift idea if your loved one is into cross-stitching or has been planning to take up this hobby.

If you are a single cross-stitcher dreaming of finding a soulmate, try stitching a specific design to attract love into your life – for inspiration and ideas, make sure to check out this article where we explored cross-stitching superstitions related to manifesting a romantic relationship and marriage.

Each of the needlework brands in our range has something to offer when it comes to St. Valentine’s Day. These absolutely adorable designs by Alisa, for example, are perfect for beginners or those stitchers who prefer quick and simple projects.

These romantic couple designs by Oven capture the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day in the best possible way.

MP Studia’s sweet designs are perfect for expressing your feelings to that very special person in your life you care deeply about.

If you and your partner just happened to tie the knot, this vintage design might be something you would like to use as a wedding day sampler!

Luca-S’ set of plastic canvas Gnomes expressing the overwhelming feeling of love can work as part of interior décor for a romantic St. Valentine’s dinner and obviously a gift that requires no other words to be said.

The brand offers a variety of cute designs that are filled with sincere feelings of love and joy – below are just a few examples.

LetiStitch’s vintage design depicting a red retro car and heart-shaped balloons is an original way to send your Valentine’s Day greetings to your crush!

Express your true emotions with this plastic canvas cross-stitch kit by Charivna Mit! The fun cartoon-ish font adds a playful and cheerful vibe to the caption – imagine having this amazing DIY love message on display in your room as a crafty reminder of your sweetheart’s feelings for you!

Use one of MP Studia’s plywood stands for securing the finished cross-stitch piece in the upright position. Such a holder can be a nice gift by itself due to the elaborate carvings each one is decorated with.

A DIY piece of jewellery or a craft kit to make one is always an interesting and inspiring gift idea. This heart-shaped brooch kit seems to be the perfect St. Valentine’s present – the finished item made with Preciosa and Crystal Art beads is an eye-catching clothing décor element that will complement any outfit!

For other designs, make sure to browse Charivna Mit’s brooch kit collection and pick one that would delight your better half or yourself.

“Put on Love Every Day” is a great motto of this unconventional cross-stitch design by RTO and we couldn’t agree more! Indeed, St. Valentine’s is not the only day of the year when you should express your affection to someone who means a lot to you. What is equally important is that you should cultivate the love for your own self, every single day.

RTO’s adorable topiary can be a symbol of a harmonious feeling of love that keeps growing and getting stronger like a plant in rich soil. The little plywood stars add up to the uniqueness of the design.

Have our suggestions been helpful to you in finding the right St. Valentine’s Day gift or a romance-themed project to dedicate your time and efforts to? If you enjoyed our review of the most outstanding love-inspired craft kits, make sure to have a look at related articles we posted previously:


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