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Plastic Canvas: Cross-Stitch Magnets and Other DIY Items It Can Be Used For - Wizardi

Plastic Canvas: Cross-Stitch Magnets and Other DIY Items It Can Be Used For

What does normally come to your mind when you think of a cross-stitch project? A design stitched on counted fabric to be then framed and put on a wall for everyone to admire would probably be the most common association. However, the world of cross-stitching is extremely diverse – using plastic canvas instead of fabric as the foundation makes it possible to create outstanding items, like fridge magnets, charms or Christmas tree ornaments. Such pieces don’t require a huge amount of time and patience to be crafted and have a variety of uses, such as gift for any occasion or an interior decoration element.

We can boast of a lovely collection of plastic canvas cross-stitch kits from various manufacturers. Magnets, dreamcatchers, Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorations, badges, thematic sets, bookmarks – any stitcher is guaranteed to find something that meets their taste and budget.

This absolutely stunning double-sided dreamcatcher by MP Studia will become a striking bedroom décor element – moreover, placed over your bed, it will ensure that bad dreams don’t disturb you and safeguard your peace of mind.

The brand offers a variety of cross-stitch magnet kits, each designed around a specific theme. Seasons, animals, food and drinks, countries, holidays – there is a lot to choose from, and with each completed set you will fell inspired to go for more and create your own thematic collections! Check out some examples below:

Besides, in MP Studia’s range you can find plastic canvas kits that can be made into double-sided décor items or Christmas tree ornaments. The choice of subjects is impressive, from mythical creatures to Zodiac signs.

Use a matching plywood holder from the brand’s collection to secure the finished item and place it on display.

The Ukrainian needlework brand Charivna Mit also has something to offer to plastic canvas enthusiasts. For example, various Christmas tree ornaments will add a crafty touch to the festive atmosphere in your home, and the magic bottle charms will definitely catch romantic daydreamers’ fancy.

One-sided plastic canvas charms by our very own brand Crafting Spark are universal when it comes to their practical use – fix a magnet to the back of your finished item to decorate your fridge, put it on a string or chain and hang it on your backpack or bunch of keys, or attach a pin to it to turn it into a badge!

The choice of themes is mindblowing and ranges from flowers, birds and animals to Christmas and Halloween characters.

The Polish brand Orchidea is known not only for its versatile needlepoint range, but also for counted cross-stitch kits, including those with plastic canvas. Decorate your home for Christmas, New Year, Easter or for no occasion with lovely cross-stitch charms.

If home décor is not something you are interested in, try Orchidea’s set of floral cross-stitch bookmarks – such DIY items are inspirational and practical in personal use or as a gift to an avid book lover!

Those who appreciate handmade fashion accessories should definitely check out the cross-stitch badges the needlework brand Oven offers. Such a cute little detail that is quick and easy to make will add a playful touch to your look and highlight your love for all things DIY!

All the kits mentioned above use plastic canvas as the foundation. What does it look like? It is a sheet of perforated plastic material with a grid of holes, which makes it possible to stitch on it using a needle and floss. The holes are large enough so making a cross-stitch magnet or a similar item is a challenge that can be accomplished by a kid or a person with vision issues.

If you use fabric to create your fridge magnet or keychain pendant, you would need to ensure extra protection so that the finished item can last for years. For that purpose, you can use a keychain frame made of plastic, metal or glass that would prevent the edges of the cross-stitch magnet from fraying. Alternatively, you can treat the edges with PVA glue – this will not only protect them from damage, but also make your magnet extra stiff and durable.

The finished cross-stitch magnet doesn’t have to remain flat – you can enhance the result of your creative process by decorating it with extra elements of your liking, for example made with such techniques as felting, beading or knitting. Additional volume can be achieved by using beads, buttons or other embellishments.

Despite looking small and simple, a plastic cross-stitch magnet can be a really helpful accessory. For instance, you can use it in your stitching routine to look for lost needles. Besides, such an accessory can be used for decorating not just a fridge, but also anything with a metal surface. A plastic canvas charm will look wonderful not just as a keychain pendant or a Christmas tree ornament, but also as a bag or backpack adornment – this is a crafty way to highlight your individual style and stand out from the crowd.

It goes without saying that such a handmade item works as a gift – a DIY present is a touching way to express your love, care and dedication to the recipient. Besides having emotional meaning, it is also of practical value, and this combination makes a plastic canvas cross-stitch piece a perfect gift for any occasion!

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