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We ship from US, Minnesota and only items in stock! Free shipping for US orders!*exceptions apply

Diamond Painting: Essential Tips To Stick To

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about diamond painting and, most likely, you’ve already tried this simple but captivating and truly rewarding hobby. The fact that you can make a shiny masterpiece using just a pair of tweezers and/or a stylus and a set of colorful rhinestones is really inspiring. Apart from the benefits of getting distracted from day-to-day worries, relieving stress and focusing on the meditative process, as a result you get a beautiful artwork that can be used for home decoration or as a gift – the variety of designs on the market today is versatile and caters to any taste. Actually, you can check this out for yourself by browsing our growing range of Crafting Spark/Wizardi diamond painting kits

Regardless of your experience in diamond painting, there are certain universal rules you should follow to make sure the creative process is as smooth as possible and the outcome meets your expectations.

Before starting your diamond painting session, prepare your working area – it has to be comfortable and properly lit.

Open the kit you’re planning to complete and check out its contents. The Crafting Spark/Wizardi diamond painting kits come with all the necessary materials so that you can start right off, i.e. a canvas with double-sided adhesive, a stylus, a pair of tweezers, rhinestones in numbered zip-lock bags and a key with detailed instructions. Besides, you’ll also find a piece of wax for the stylus and a tray for sorting out the rhinestones.

Arrange the bags with the rhinestones in numerical order to find the required color faster and spread the canvas over a flat surface.

Carefully remove part of the adhesive from the canvas. It’s best that you don’t remove the entire adhesive layer at once so that the sticky surface remains dust-free and preserves its stickiness.

Pick a symbol on the key, find the rhinestones of the corresponding color number and pour them into the tray. Shake the tray slightly from side to side so that the rhinestones settle with their faceted side facing up. Use the tool of choice (the stylus or the tweezers) to stick the drills onto the canvas.

When placing a rhinestone on the corresponding symbol on the canvas, make sure its flat side is facing downwards. After sticking the drill, apply a gentle pressure to make sure it stays in place. Once you’re finished with completing an area of a particular color, pour the remaining drills back into the bag and proceed to another color.

You can complete your diamond painting pattern row by row, but keep in mind that this approach has a drawback which will prevent you from enjoying the mesmerizing smoothness of the process – there may be too many different colors in a row, so you’ll have to constantly switch from one color to another, pouring the corresponding drills into the tray and then back into the bag. We would suggest working on a small section during your session, going color by color within the selected area.

When your diamond painting project is finished, straighten the edges of the canvas and ensure that the drills are properly adhered to the canvas and there are no popped ones. To do that, place the canvas on a flat surface covered with a soft cloth and go over the canvas with a rolling pin or a bottle applying a slight pressure.

The final step to preserve the beautiful artwork you’ve spent so much time on creating is putting it into a frame. Check out this article for some useful framing tips.

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