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How Painting by Numbers Benefits Your Wellbeing - Wizardi

How Painting by Numbers Benefits Your Wellbeing

Painting by numbers is a very accessible type of creative activity that works well for both children and adults - it doesn’t require any previous experience, specific skills or artistic talent. It is also a very practical hobby as the finished artwork can be used to decorate any home interior

But have you ever thought that painting by numbers has a number of benefits that help restore your mental wellbeing and improve the overall quality of life We’ve compiled a list of the most essential benefits associated with painting by numbers. Check them out below.

Relieving stress

When we are working on a paint by number project, our brain gets a much needed break. We concentrate on the process itself, get distracted from our daily worries and the only problem we have to deal with at the moment is making a decision on which color we would like to work with next. The comfortable and safe creative atmosphere makes us relax and move at our own pace without being judged or hurried by anyone. The meditative effect of coloring helps relieve stress and restore emotional equilibrium.

Getting Your “Me Time”

Painting by numbers provides you with an opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and spend some time alone with yourself. Sorting your thoughts and feelings out while keeping your hands busy may even help find a solution to a problem that’s been bugging you, come up with new ideas or plans or make a decision to dramatically change something in your life. Basically, working on a paint-by-number project helps accomplish two things at once – with each session, you are getting closer to completing a beautiful artwork while dedicating some quality time to yourself.

Unleashing your creative potential

Painting by numbers is a very encouraging and rewarding hobby – you can create a gallery-worthy piece of art without being a professional artist and get inspired to carry on. This way, painting by numbers can become a perfect jumping-off point for uncovering your artistic abilities. You might feel like challenging yourself with paintings of a higher complexity level or even begin making paintings of your own. The power of creativity may even get you into exploring other creative domains, like playing a musical instrument, sculpting or even cross-stitching!

Boosting imagination

Although covering numbered areas on a canvas with corresponding paint colors may not seem very creative at first glance, the process is still beneficial for developing our artistic taste, aesthetic vision and, consequently, creative abilities. Working with different colors and textures inspires us to try experimenting and even take interest in other arts. This is the way painting by numbers influences our creative imagination and helps mold a new outlook on the world around us.

Developing the brain

Having painting by numbers as a hobby is excellent for boosting memory and concentration, increasing attention span and enhancing dexterity. This activity has a positive impact on your productivity, diligence and self-discipline. Coloring small areas on the canvas stimulates the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that controls our cognitive functions. The higher your paint-by-number project complexity, the more actively both brain hemispheres responsible for logic and creativity are engaged.

Improving sleep

One of the key recommendations for getting a healthier night’s sleep is developing a wind-down routine, and painting by numbers can be a very effective part of it. This creative activity helps balance your emotional state and get rid of the negativity accumulated during the day. At the same time, minimizing screen time before going to bed contributes to enhancing sleep quality and battling insomnia - the blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers and TVs, inhibits the production of melatonin, known as the hormone of sleep, in our body. So, if you’re having difficulties falling asleep, swapping your gadget screen for a numbered canvas at least 30 minutes before going to bed may be something you might want to consider.

The benefits you get by practicing painting by numbers make purchasing a PBN kit a long-term investment into your mental wellbeing and creative development. Our Crafting Spark paint-by-number kit collection can be a great place to start looking for a design you would like to dedicate your time and effort to.

Each Crafting Spark kit comes with a pre-printed numbered canvas stretched on a wooden frame, a set of acrylic paints in numbered pots, brushes and instructions.

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