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Gifting the Magic of Christmas: Explore Merejka's Festive Cross-Stitch Kits - Wizardi

Gifting the Magic of Christmas: Explore Merejka's Festive Cross-Stitch Kits

With Christmas just around the corner (less than a month away, can you believe it?), the search for the perfect gifts is officially ON! Look no further - your one-stop-shop for all things craft is right here at Wizardi! Whether you're into diamond painting, painting by numbers, felting, beading, needlepoint, or the timeless art of cross-stitching, we've got it all covered.

In this article, we're shining the spotlight on Merejka, the latest addition to our needlework family, all the way from Poland. We'll be taking a festive stroll through the brand’s Christmas-themed kits because, let's be honest, who wouldn't love a beautifully crafted cross-stitch as a gift?

Merejka’s cross-stitch kits are a delightful blend of imagination and craftsmanship. Using only the finest materials – like DMC mouline, John James needles, and Zweigart canvas – each kit is a quality masterpiece waiting to happen.

Merejka teams up with contemporary artists, bringing a fresh, modern vibe to the traditional world of cross-stitch. The brand’s designs are highly detailed and bursting with life. With a max of 40 colors per design, Merejka keeps it classy and sophisticated. Before each design hits the shelves, it's stitched with love by their talented team. Merejka's designers and stitchers work hand in hand to give you patterns that are not just beautiful but also user-friendly.

Oh, and did we mention the color symbols in the schema? Stitching made easy! Each kit includes two schema versions – one with backstitches and one without. As you can see, Merejka thinks of everything so that your stitching journey is nothing short of magical!

Now, let's dive into the brand’s enchanting Christmas-themed kits, guiding you to select the ideal gift for someone passionate about cross-stitching.


The Christmas Robin

Imagine this: a whimsical cross-stitch kit that's as charming as a bullfinch surrounded by nature's beauty – leaves, plants, and the quirky thistle. Sprinkle in some holiday joy with the sweet 'Merry Christmas' phrase, and you've got yourself a masterpiece in the making! This kit is complete with top-notch goodies: a 16 count Zweigart Aida canvas in the coziest ecru shade, a rainbow of 28 DMC threads, and of course, those trusty John James needles. Once finished, this piece of festive magic will measure 26x27.5 cm (10.24x10.83 inches), just waiting to add a dash of holiday spirit to your decor or make a fellow cross-stitch fanatic's day.


Winter Sampler

Introducing Merejka's next star: a sampler that's basically the definition of cross-stitch elegance! Think of it as a mosaic of holiday enchantment, where each section is a tiny masterpiece. This delightful design brings together a mix of winter wonders, with the captivating centerpiece being a breathtaking poinsettia bouquet, adding a floral touch to the festive magic.

The kit comes with 16 count Zweigart Aida in a cool ice blue and white combo and a palette of DMC threads in 26 colors. Witness the magic as your creation comes to life, stitch by stitch, forming a delightful 30x32 cm (11.81x12.6 inches) piece. This design is sure to bring a festive touch to your space!


Happy Holiday 

Speaking of poinsettia, check out Merejka’s kit 'Happy Holiday' - it is a true a winter wonder, capturing the holiday spirit in every stitch. Perfect for both sprucing up your home and embracing the beauty of the season, the 16 count Zweigart Aida canvas in ice blue provides the perfect backdrop for this design. With a palette of 26 lively DMC thread colors, this 18x24 cm (7.09x9.45 inches) piece is not just a project, it's a celebration in the making!


Winter Evening 

Picture the cozy glow of lights peeking through windows, wrapping the streets of a beautiful old town in a warm embrace of holiday cheer. This magical mood is not just a scene - it's perfectly captured in this Merejka design, boasting dimensions of 30x40 cm (11.81x15.75 inches). The evening hues come to life with the carefully curated DMC thread palette, turning each stitch into a stroke of winter art. This elaborate masterpiece is the perfect Christmas gift that embodies the spirit of winter evenings and the joy of gifting.


The First Snow 

This serene winter wonderland scene, with dimensions of 20x29 cm (7.87x11.42 inches), perfectly encapsulates the winter vibes we all cherish. The meticulous design and thoughtful color range bring this tranquil landscape to life. This cross-stitch kit is not merely threads weaving together but a heartfelt present speaking the language of the season. What a great project to embark on, marking the onset of winter and building anticipation for the festive Christmas celebrations!


The Spirit of Christmas 

The kit aptly named ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ brings a winter wonderland to life! Picturing a charming skating rink, surrounded by twinkling Christmas trees and filled with the laughter of kids enjoying the season's merriment, this design not only makes for a perfect Christmas gift but also serves as a magical mood-booster. Sized at a generous 30x51.5 cm (11.81x20.28 inches), it's a burst of festive cheer waiting to be stitched into your celebrations.


The Toy Shop 

As Christmas approaches, feel the enchantment of gift-giving and the buzz of anticipation! In the Toy Shop cross-stitch kit from Merejka, Santa is diligently preparing for his joyous journey to bring smiles to eager children. This festive design, stitched on Zweigart Aida canvas in pure white and sized 30x30 cm (11.81x11.81 inches), showcases the spirit of Christmas with 38 vibrant DMC thread colors. Each stitch unveils the magic of the season, making this kit a great Christmas gift to share with your loved ones!


As we wrap up our overview of Merejka's Christmas-themed cross-stitch kits, we hope you've discovered the ideal Christmas gifts for your friends and family or at least found yourself immersed in the festive spirit. Dive deeper into the entire Merejka collection, where a treasure trove of exciting designs awaits, ensuring your stitching endeavors are filled with joy and creativity. Happy holidays and happy stitching!

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